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The Issues: Fishing

Hannah Pingree Addresses the Issues

Preserving Maine's Working Waterfront

My favorite historical fishing fact (from the Maine Archives): Allen's Coffee Brandy, currently the most popular hard liquor in Maine, was originally used by lobstermen for storing bait!

While I have yet to meet a fisherman (or woman) who stores their bait in coffee brandy, as a representative for one of the most active and rich lobster fisheries in the county, I have enjoyed learning more about fishing policy and issues. I have also enjoyed serving for the past year and a half as the Zone C Lobster Council representative from the state legislature.

Following are some useful links for those who want to learn more about Maine's fisheries or those actively working in Maine's waterfront industries.

Lobster Resources

Resource Management: Lobsters
Extensive information from the Maine Department of Marine Resources on everything from industry history to tips on catching and eating lobsters.

Maine Lobsterman's Association
The largest commercial fishing industry group on the east coast, the Maine Lobstermen's Association works to protect the lobsterman resource, traditions and way of life.

Maine's lobster Laws and Regulations
The Department of Marine Resources' comprehensive listing of lobster laws and related regulations including licensing contact information.

Lobster Zone Council Decisions
Learn more about your local Lobster Zone Council's policies, meetings and decisions.

Dynamic Area Management (Whale Gear)
Track federal rules on required whale gear and dynamic area management practices affecting the lobster fisheries in Maine and throughout the country.

Lobster Landing Statistics
Track and compare lobster landing statistics from 1950 to the most current statistics available.

Maine Lobster History and Estimates
View and compare historical summaries of Maine's lobster fishery statistics from 1880 to present along with total estimates from 1967 to present based on the Commercial Port Sampling Program.

Maine Lobster Promotion Council
Encourages education and training of all customers— including wholesale, retail and foodservice, and end-consumers— about how to handle, prepare, serve, promote, and sell Maine lobster. Includes great recipes!

Working Waterfront Resources

Working Waterfronts Initiative
With less than 25 miles (and still shrinking) of working shorefront left in a state with more than 3,500 miles of coastline, the Working Waterfront Coalition believe that a pro-active initiative is needed to preserve remaining parcels of working waterfront, whether they be lobster buying stations or private fishing piers.

Small Harbor Improvement Program
Check qualifications to determine your community's eligibility for Small Harbor Improvement grants and funding. View previous projects funded by SHIP as well as amounts granted.

Landing Data History

You'll find a wide variety of information on historic and active fisheries at the Maine DMR including the landing data histories from the 1800s to present for:

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