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A Day (or Two) in the Life

Rep. Hannah Pingree's work and travels within her district (Maine District 36) encompass so much more than press releases can contain. Get to know your Representative and learn more about her efforts on your behalf through her own words here in her online journal.

October 21, 2006
On Question 1: The TABOR Initiative
The so-called TABOR Initiative, is one of the more heated debates of the campaign season where issues of taxes, government spending, local control, and out-of-state campaign interests will all come to a head. I recently attended a League of Towns forum on Mount Desert Island about Question 1, and even after all the debate and discussion of TABOR over the past several months... 10.21.06 »

September 2006

Hannah brings the Deer Isle/Stonington Life Skills Class in for their special presentation to the Governor.

August 2006

Hannah and Governor Baldacci girls from Isle Au Haut on Girls Day at the State House.

July 2006

Ian Pelletier camps out in the Governor's chair while his fellow scouts strike a pose. From left to right: Billy Billings, Curtis Weed, State Representative Hannah Pingree and Josiah Rhys.

March 31, 2005
The Comings and Goings of Augusta: Late March Update
I write you this entry from the floor of the House in the midst of a long and heated budget debate. This 122nd session began with an unusual bang and continues at a breakneck pace with many bills, a couple budgets, lots of bond proposals and long hours of committee work... 03.31.05 »

January 25, 2005
About the Maine Property Tax Relief Package
After years of talking and debating and several consecutive ballot questions, the Legislature has taken its first bold steps in nearly a decade to advance real property tax relief for Maine homeowners... 01.25.05 »

January 21, 2005
Property Tax Reform Bill Passes
The pundits thought it couldn't be done... the legislature wrestled over the details until the end, but on January 20th, after years of debate, the legislature passed a comprehensive property tax relief and reform package. Read about the great debate and see how the new law might impact you. 01.21.05 »

December 13, 2004
The Governors Property Tax Reform/Relief
December 3rd launched the start of real policy making around property tax reform— The Legislature established a special select committee on Tax Reform, and referred two tax reform bills (Legislative Document 1 & 2) to that committee... 12.13.04 »

December 04, 2004
Swearing In Day
Being elected is an incredible honor. And the culmination of our elections is to be officially sworn in. Today was my second... 12.13.04 »

November 06, 2004
Life on the Campaign Trail
Campaigning can be an incredible experience. It's never easy and it requires an enormous amount of inertia. I describe it as... 11.06.04 »

November 03, 2004
Thank You!
Just a quick note to pass along my own election results, which were overwhelmingly positive. To so many of you... 11.03.04 »

October 31, 2004
Election Day is Almost Here
I know this election is getting a little scary (and tiring). Hope this finds you all well. I am sure everyone— no matter which side you are on— is looking forward to... 10.31.04 »

September 09, 2004
Small Business Agenda: Growth From Within
Fogged-in Friends, now that summer is nearly over and Labor Day has past, I am sure you— like me— are taking a deep breath and looking forward to fall... 09.09.04 »

March 09, 2004
Homeland Security Comes to the Maine State Ferry Service
And big news for the islands: Last week I learned that the Maine State Ferry Service did not get a waiver they had applied for from the U.S. Coast Guard for homeland security requirements... 03.09.04 »

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