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Latest News and Press Releases

Politicians have a funny relationship with the press. The press can be our friends and the most effective way to get out a message to the public. Of course, politicians are always complaining about how they are covered by the press, and the press is always complaining about the politicians' inability to get it right! That being said, following below is a growing archive of recent press clips and press releases covering some of the issues on which I've been working.

Hannah Pingree on the Record

Latest Headlines

NEXT: Ten People Shaping the Future of Maine's Economy
There are fresh faces in the Legislature, members with bright political futures and clear ideas on what role policymakers should play in reviving the state's economy. The brightest of those rising stars are Reps. Josh Tardy and Hannah Pingree... [ Read Story ]

Only Feds Can Fill Drug Plan's Hole
Rep. Hannah Pingree and Sen. Arthur Mayo on the Federal government's prescription plan that's left Maine's Medicare patients with the same old choice— cut back on their medication or cut back on something else, such as food or heat, in order to survive... [ Full Report ]

Maine Lobsters & Whole Foods
Whole Foods Markets, Inc. received a lot of attention recently when it announced that it would no longer sell live lobsters in its 180 stores, including a new one planned for Portland. Since lobstering is a $300 million business in Maine... [ 22.JUN.06 ]

Legislature Should Back Broadband Plan for Rural Maine
In an echo of the 1930s electricity infrastructure development, about 86 percent of Maine's population has access to high-speed Internet service, and 14% of the population remains stubbornly out of reach... [ 09.APR.06 ]

State Faces High Costs to Fix Part D
The state Legislature is trying to pick up the pieces of the bungled Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. No matter how hard it tries or how innovative its ideas, the biggest hurdle remains the same... [ 22.FEB.06 ]

Pingree Sponsors Dredging Legislation
Rep. Hannah Pingree (D-North Haven) will present a bill Friday that aims to better align state and federal laws regulating the dumping standards and dredging requirements in Maine waters. Pingree sponsored the bill in hopes the legislation will raise awareness on the complexities of dredge dumping laws... [ 25.APR.05 ]

Rural Use of Internet Focus of Bills
Maine's economic growth is suffering from lack of high-speed Internet access in many rural areas of the state, claimed supporters of two bills aimed at improving such access... Rep. Hannah Pingree, D-North Haven, introduced the second bill, which would create the Maine Broadband Advisory Council and would expand the authority of the Public Utilities Commission to regulate line-sharing agreements and establish right-of-way rules. [ Full Story ]

Rep. Pingree Appointed House Chair of the Joint Committee on Health and Human Services
Rep. Hannah Pingree, D-North Haven, will serve on the Health and Human Services Committee. She will serve as House chairwoman for the committee. Last session, she served as a member of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee. She is beginning her second term in the House... [ Read Report ]

A Few Good States
When it comes to election systems, the United States isn't all Floridas and Ohios. There are, in fact, a number of states that tend to run their elections well, through trusted systems and voter-friendly procedures. They don't grab the attention of journalists and reformers precisely because they rarely produce newsworthy controversies and snafus... [ Read Article ]

Cemetery Bill Goes to Legislature
State Representative Hannah Pingree and Senator Dennis Damon have agreed to cosponsor a bill that would allow towns to gain control of abandoned cemeteries... [ Read Story ]

Number of Women in Legislature Drops
The number of women in Maine's Legislature has dropped to its lowest level in 20 years. And with only 45 women entering the new Legislature, Maine's ranking among states for women in legislative office has plummeted to a 30-year low... [ Full Report ]

Hannah Pingree Wants to Bridge Partisanship in Augusta
Part of that future of coastal and island communities is tied into their schools; Pingree does not support regionalizing or consolidating rural schools for that reason... [ Full Article ]

Small Schools, Big Politics
I grew up on an island, 12 miles off the coast of Maine. When I was 16, my friends and I called it "the rock". We had some appreciation for the fact that it was a great place to grow up and even some small understanding that our island public school, with about 70 students grades K-12, was unique and offered us unparalleled opportunities... [ Full Story ]

Hannah Pingree on the Record

Press Releases

Local Lawmakers Honor Area Art Educators & Programs
Local lawmakers turned out last week to honor Mt. Desert Island High School and Nelson Monteith, Auditorium Director of the Reach Performing Arts Center in Deer Isle, for their work in supporting arts education... [ Full Story ]

Pingree Sponsors Dredging Legislation
Rep. Hannah Pingree (D-North Haven) will present a bill Friday that aims to better align state and federal laws regulating the dumping standards and dredging requirements in Maine waters. Pingree sponsored the bill in hopes the legislation will raise awareness on the complexities of dredge dumping laws... [ 25.APR.05 ]

Rep. Pingree Selected for Environmental Honor Roll
Maine League of Conservation Voters releases environmental scorecards, giving top honors to Rep. Hannah Pingree (D-North Haven). [ 09.SEP.04 ]

New Law to Protect Maine Homeowners
New consumer protection bill prohibits insurance companies from arbitrarily canceling or refusing to issue or renew a homeowner's insurance policy. [ 19.MAY.04 ]

Chess Team Honored by Governor and Legislature
Representative Hannah Pingree greets team members who recently won their school's sixth consecutive Maine Elementary State Chess Championship title. [ 21.APR.04 ]

Legislature Passes Verified Voting Bill
Measure ensures integrity of the voting process and accurate voting as a basic and guaranteed right to all Maine voters. [ 15.APR.04 ]

Legislature Hears Bill on Updating Property Insurance
Protects property owners from arbitrary policy cancellations as a result of a study by the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. [ 05.APR.04.pm ]

Fehrle Honored at Statehouse
The Maine Healthcare Association honored Fred Fehrle of Blue Hill for his lifetime of achievements. [ 05.APR.04.am ]

Legislature Gives Initial Consent to Bill Protecting Infants
Bill promotes better environmental standards to reduce the danger of breast milk becoming contaminated by brominated chemicals. [ 02.APR.04 ]

Legislators Deliver Spare Change to Help with Budget
Coins donated by children to save mental health services slated to be cut in the state budget in 2005. [ 17.MAR.04 ]

Dirigo Health is the Solution
Guest column in Rockland Courier-Gazette on Maine businesses and individuals who are in desperate need of affordable healthcare. [ 26.FEB.04 ]

Public Hearing Tuesday On Pingree Bill To Protect Citizens' Votes
Bill would regulate the use of touch-screen voting machines to ensure that voters can trust the results they tabulate and to avoid some of the controversies and problems that have arisen in other states surrounding the use of the machines. [ 30.JAN.04 ]

Legislators Fight To Save Washington County Prison
Bill to build a Washington County prison, LD 356, will be carried over to next session, giving a reprieve to the measure. [ 02.MAY.03 ]

Public Hearing for Term Limits Bills Scheduled for April 1
A bill to extend term limits from 8 to 12 years, LD 1273, and a bill to extend term limits from 8 to 14 years, LD 1284, will go to a public hearing. [ 31.MAR.03 ]

Pingree: Consumers Ought To Know
Representative Hannah Pingree co-sponsors three bills aimed at changing various aspects of prescription drug pricing. [ 25.MAR.03 ]

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